COVID-19/CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: At the current moment (9/4/20), Cloverset Lettering is still shipping out packages. Please keep in mind that the time frame it takes your order to get from me to you may take a bit longer! THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS.  I understand any concern and want to assure you that the upmost care and diligence is going into packaging your orders in a sanitary process and disinfected area. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or contact me via Instagram. Thank you again for all of your continued support! Please make sure you read the product processing and shipping page for other questions regarding international shipping and refunds/returns. 

Cloverset Lettering's Handmade Watercolors are made with an all natural binder consisting of gum arabic, locally sourced honey, clove oil and a few other ingredients to help with flow, granulation and activation.  All of my paints are environmentally friendly and ethically conscious. I want you to feel comfortable and confident that you are ordering high quality paints and also ordering from a maker with a strong commitment to honesty and transparency. 


A few things to keep in mind: some of your paints may come with small holes or "bubbles". This occurs as a result of the natural drying process and does not affect the quality of the paint itself. Some paints will be stickier than others, this is because of the honey ratio required for certain pigments. If your paint is a little extra sticky, place it in the fridge/freezer for 20-45 mins. Please allow your paints to dry, uncovered, after use. Some paints will require more water than others to activate, this is not a defect with the paint but a characteristic of the pigment/glitter used.