Trevor Project Bear Bags

Trevor Project Bear Bags

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price



The Bears are back, but this time with a MASSIVE addition! Just like last time, you select the bear you want by choosing the name of the bear in the drop down menu. However, along with the bear you will get a LARGE grab bag FULL of Cloverset goodies! 


Inside you will find: 


Shaker Keychains

Regular and/or Shaker Pop Grips

1 pair of Earrings

1 small box of Cloverset watercolors

Resin confetti

Pluck-n-Place Swatch Card


In SOME of the bags, you MAY find:


1-2 LARGER resin items

Color shift watercolor sampler

Additional shaker items to use how YOU want! 


The best part about these Bear Bags? Not only are they Black Friday discount eligible, but 50% (FIFTY PERCENT) of the proceeds made from the sale of these bags will be going directly to The Trevor Project. To learn more, check them out here.