It's finally here! Please welcome The Cloverset Lettering Handlettering Guide of Basics! This guide is both printer and iPad friendly. What's even better is this guide also comes with my favorite Procreate brush, Nib + Ink by Lauren Nicholson! So not only do you get a multi-version guide, but you also get one amazing lettering brush for Procreate. 



-When you purchase this guide, you will be provided a link to download the .Zip file and an emailed link that will be available for 30 days. 

-Once you've downloaded the .Zip file, unzip it. There will be 12 JPEG images which can either be printed OR imported into Procreate. 



1. Save JPEG images to your iPad.

2. Open Procreate and create a blank 8.5x11in document. 

3. Select the wrench tool, then select "Insert a Photo".

4. Select the page you want to work on and insert!



1. Download the .brush file to your iPad

2. Select the Brush icon in the upper righthand corner. 

3. Select +

4. Select Import

5. Select Browse at the bottom and navigate to where your .brush file is saved.

6. Once you've found the .brush file, select it and confirm the import. 


Should you have any issues, please make sure to reach out to me for assistance. 

The Cloverset Lettering Handlettering Guide - Basics

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  • Downloadable .Zip file includes: JPEG files and one .brush file for Procreate