Holy S*** Unicorn Dust Watercolor Paint
  • Holy S*** Unicorn Dust Watercolor Paint

    This listing is for one pan of Holy S***. Holy S*** was the first color in my expletive series. Holy S*** will change ever so slightly from batch to batch, as the ingredients used will differ in amount and/or intensity. Holy S*** is also a Unicorn Dust shade and up to 4 different kinds of color shifting flakes are dispersed in each pan, as well as on top!


    For the first time, I am offering what I call Clover-pans. These are clover shaped acrylic pieces which hold approximately 1-1.5mL of paint. These are collectable pans because when you are finished, it turns  into a cute clover token. Stay tuned for more on the clover tokens, as something is in the works that will benefit YOU!

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