Fall Out Boy - Quarter Pan Set

Fall Out Boy - Quarter Pan Set




Fall Out Boy has been a mainstay in my life since I was 14. To say they helped me during my developing years is a grand understatement. I tried my best to encapsulate, in part, what this band and these 4 humans mean to me in 5 really unique shades. 


Stump Club - Inspired by the Stump Club itself, this color is a sparkling maroon to a rich warm orange and finishing a yellowed green; chrome-like finish


Mania - themed after the Mania Tour production during 2018, Mania is an intense purple blue shade with hints of sparkle with a chrome-like finish; this one is extremely pigmented


XOXO - As personal as the sentiment, this color is no different. XOXO is the chunkiest of colors in this release, so keep that in mind while painting. It starts off as an iridescent mint, flashes a bright magenta and finishes golden green


Ashley - This one's for you, Ashleymosho! This color represents not only the countless miles, ticket stubs and memories I have because of this band but also commemorates one of the strongest friendships I have to date with my friend and FOBestie, Ashley. This color is a stunner with intense blue hues and transitioning through the entire spectrum until it finishes to a yellow gold. 


G.I.N.A.S.F.S. - A song featured on the delux cut of Infinity On High, this acronym stands for "Gay Is Not A Synonym For Stupid". This shade begins as a rich forrest green but cools down to a cerulean blue and finishing off with a purple flash. This one is super sparkly, as well!