Disney Glitter Collection Vol. 2

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Volume 2 is finally here! This collection features ALL new, NANOFINE glitters that are made for watercolor. Even more, the collection got 2 new friends: Sully + Jack!


From top to bottom, in the above swatches, the colors as follows:





Sully (NEW)





Jack (NEW)


This collection comes with ALL TEN (10) quarter pans! The first volume of the Disney Glitter Collection came about as an homage to my son, Jackson. Each one of these characters are some of his absolute favorites. When I asked him if I should introduce new colors, we were watching Monsters, Inc. He very enthusastically told me, "YES!" Each shade represents the character or movie it comes from. Sully is a bright sky blue, for the color of his monster-like fur. Jack is a warm, golden-wood brown; which gives me visions of the pirate ship Peter Pan faught Capt. Hook on to get his Jack back. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them!