Cloverset Flat Lay Element Kits

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Creating a flat lay can be intimidating, especially if you don't know where to start. That's where the Cloverset Flat Lay Element Kit comes in! But first, what exactly is a flat lay? Well, a flat lay is simply a photo of objects arranged on a flat surface, captured from directly above. Think of it as a bird's eye view! It helps create visual interest and helps tell a story around the subject you're photographing. 


When it comes to taking pictures of your lettering, or artwork, creating an aesthetically pleasing image is critical to communicating with your audience. These flat lay kits have been curated by me to provide a wide range of use. Each kit will come with what is photographed: medium to small color and/or theme-coordinated items and at least one brush rest. 


The idea behind these flat lay element kits was to provide those who struggle with what to even include in a photograph and to provide elements that coordinate with YOUR artwork. These kits can be used together, too! Do not feel limited to one kit or to feeling like you have to use every element provided in one photo! Use them how you see fit to do so! 


These kits take the guessing game out of creating a fun and eye catching post, so you can spend more time creating and interacting with your audience!

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