Cerberus Colorshift Handmade Watercolor - FIRE+ICE Collab


The first installment of the Mythical Creatures collection, curated by Chrystal Elizabeth (@chrystalizabeth on IG), is here. Volume 1 is called Fire + Ice and each color represents a mythical creature embodying fire and ice! 


Cerberus is an extremely unique shade. It is a soft eggshell white with iridescent flakes. On white paper, Cerberus creates a soft transition from magenta to coral to yellow-green. However, on black, Cerberus's gorgeous iridescent flakes create textural variances which amplify the bright color transition: magenta to orange-red to golden yellow and finishing off with a strong fresh green. The photos shown have 2 applications and it is recommended to apply 1-2 coats to achieve these results.