Custom, handmade watercolor formulated with a custom watercolor binder and cosmetic-grade pigment and mica.


Who doesn't love a little Bling? This is the finest and densest holographic paint I've offered TO DATE. She sheers out wonderfully and isn't extremely hydrophilic (water obsessed), which means this paint can maintain longevity with repeated use. Keep in mind that this pigment tends to be more expensive than most, hence the cost. However, I will always do my best to maintain affordability!


Please keep in mind the colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product as every screen displays color differently. 



Bling Handmade Watercolor

  • Returns will not be accepted due to the nature and small batches made of each product. 

  • Each paint is made with a natural honey binder and as such, may be stickier than commercially produced watercolor. If you live in a warmer climate, please allow time for the product to cool by placing it in the refridgerator for a minimum of 30 minutes. There may be some residual product that sticks to the foil wrapping. If this occurs, gently scrape any product back into the pan.