Big Brains Colorshifting Holographic Handmade Watercolor

$19.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price

Big Brains is the second newest colorshifting holographic shade to come to Cloverset. Big Brains is one of the most intense of colorshifts offered to date and what's more, there are holographic particles folded inside! Big Brains transitions from a cool hunter green to a bright and intense purple. The shifts in this paint are also some of the most reflective offered at Cloverset. 


Because of the high cost of materials to make Big Brains, it has to be priced accordingly. However, I want you to be aware that you are getting an overfilled pan of paint that just like G.O.A.T and Ultimate Power, is the least hydrophillic in nature across the current colorshift offerings. I strive to provide you all with high quality pigments that will last you a LONG time. If you aren't sure you want to purchase a half pan, I also offer quarter pans, too!

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