Custom, handmade watercolor formulated with a custom watercolor binder and cosmetic-grade pigment and mica.


Bang, Bang! is an emerald green baby-shifter shade, packed full of a diffused holographic glimmer. This shade is a bit more special to me than most. This statement would be exclaimed in excitement, joy, or any positive emotion from a mentor of mine, Dontay. He has had a pivitol role in my leadership development and making this color just made sense. I hope you approve, Dontay!


Please keep in mind the colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product as every screen displays color differently. 



Bang, Bang! Handmade Watercolor

  • Returns will not be accepted due to the nature and small batches made of each product. 

  • Each paint is made with a natural honey binder and as such, may be stickier than commercially produced watercolor. If you live in a warmer climate, please allow time for the product to cool by placing it in the refridgerator for a minimum of 30 minutes. There may be some residual product that sticks to the foil wrapping. If this occurs, gently scrape any product back into the pan.