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  • What are Cloverset watercolors made of?
    Cloverset Watercolors are made with a proprietary blend of gum arabic, distilled water, clove oil, locally and ethically sourced honey, glycerin and a colorant (synthetic micas and pigments). I only use synthetic, or man made micas/pigments, in my paint mixtures. NONE of the micas/pigments I use are naturally sourced whatsoever.
  • What is your nail polish made of? Is it vegan?
    Cloverset Polish is hand mixed and poured in small batches with synthetic micas and pigments and occasionally glitter. The base mix is a 10-free formula which is vegan AND cruelty free. What I mean when I say "10-free" is that my nail polish does not and will never contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and/or animal ingredients. If you ever have a question about a specific color, send it via the contact form!
  • Is your brand environmentally and ethically conscious? What about vegan?
    These are great questions! In regards to the environment, I do my absolute best to reduce my personal output of plastics and non-biodegradables during pre and post production of my products. Inherently, there is going to be some waste. However, I do my best to compensate for that. Most of my packaging, minus the pans the paint is actually inside of, are made of recycled plastic and most are recyclable and/or reusable. When I say packaging, I mean things like the holographic baggies my paints come in, etc. When something I use can't be recycled or is a one-use item, I take a look at my pre and post production process to see where I can be more mindful. For example, I realize that the pans the paint comes in are made of non-biodegrable plastic, so instead of using paper towels or one-time use towels, I use microfiber cloths for clean up in my office. These can be washed and reused many, many times (and they have been!). Or, I look at reducing the number of times I take trips to the Post Office/UPS and only go on certain days or utilize my own mailbox when I can. Again, these are examples of things I do, but I am mindful across the board! In regards to ethics, I can say with 100% certainty that my brand and products are in line with proper ethics. I only use man made pigments/colorants. There is absolutely no naturally sourced mica or mica-based products in my paints, for example. I take a great deal of care when it comes to whom I do business with, as well because it is important that the companies I do business with also hold the same ideals that I do. When it comes to my products being vegan, some are and some are not. With regards to my paints, they are not vegan because my binder does contain honey. However, I can say that the honey I do source is local to the area I live. The process of harvesting that honey is done so as to harm the bees and their habitat as minimally as possible. My nail polish, on the other hand, is made of a 10-chemical free vegan formula. And absolutely none of my products have been and never will be tested on animals. If there is ever a more specific question that I didn't quite cover here, definitely feel free to shoot me a message via the contact form!
  • I keep seeing the words "Unicorn Dust", what does that mean?
    I am so glad you asked! Unicorn Dusting is a technique I created in January of 2020 with my now retired color, Bones. Many now currently imitate it, but none are like the Cloverset original. Unicorn Dusting is the process of adding color shifting flakes and/or microfine glitter not only inside the paint mixture itself, but also on top! The pricing for Unicorn Dust paints may be slightly higher than others and this is because I do my best to make sure you're getting the maximum amount of flakes per pan possible. Each layer is infused with color shifting flakes and/or microfine glitter. As of 2021, I will only use biodegradable glitter in my paint.
  • What is a Clover pan and Clover Token?
    Clover pans are proprietary to Cloverset and are made from iridescent acrylic in the shape of a Clover. Each Clover pan holds approximately 1-1.5mL of paint, which is equivalent to a quarter pan or more of paint. After you are finished, it turns into a Clover Token! Clover Tokens are still in the works, so if you purchase a Clover pan, SAVE THEM after you use them as they will be used as redeemable tokens for Cloverfam benefits! More details on the Clover token program are coming soon!
  • Can I use your watercolors in a way that isn't traditional watercolor?
    Of course you can! I've personally used my watercolors with my resin and tumbler work. How you use it is completely up to you, but just because they're called watercolor doesn't mean you can't use them in a different way. Get creative and if you do something really awesome with it, make sure to share it with me! I've had individuals use my watercolors in epoxy resin, tumbler creation, acrylic and oil application, model/figurine painting, wood painting and MUCH more!
  • I want to buy the pigment form of a color, do you do that?
    Most of my colors are comprised of multiple pigments, while some are not. If you are interested in the pigment form of a color, please message me using the Contact form, (you can find the form by clicking Contact above) and we can chat!
  • What is the difference between pan sizes?
    This is such a common question, so I want to provide a visual with the different sizes of watercolor pans I offer either in grab bags, collections or singles! The measurements are approximate. I also pillow top my pans to account for any possible pockets of trapped air that never reach the surface. I do this to make sure you are receiving the maximum amount of paint for your money.
  • Do you do grab bags? I'd like to try your colors before committing to a larger purchase.
    Yes! I absolutely do grab bags, however, they aren't always available. I release my grab bags when I have enough pans made to justify making the grab bags. I try to do my best to have them available at least 4-6 times a year. And I usually do my best to make them a little extra special and unique each time. But, I do want to explain what my grab bags are, especially in regards to paint. It is rare that you will receive full pans of paint or finished pans of paint. I do grab bags differently than most watercolor makers in that the majority of my grab bag paints are going to be 3/4s full OR LESS. The reason for this being is that my grab bag paints are made during pigment testing, whether thats for future colors, testing combinations and/or samples in general. There may be a chance a few completed pans making their way into grab bags, but its not likely. You may also receive a grab bag where it appears the paint itself as slipped away from the plastic pan and is loose in the bag. This happens due to shrinking during the drying phase and being knocked around during transit. There is no defect with the paint itself and you can simply put it back into the pan before using.
  • I received my order and the paint fell out of the pan! What do I do?!
    If you receive a pan that has seemed to have 'lost its paint', all you have to do is slide it right back into the pan itself! This isn't a defect of the paint or the pan, but is due to shrinkage during the drying phase. It tends to happen with matte, satin and metallic pigments in particular, but can definitely happen at any time. Paint can also be knocked loose during transit, too.
  • I just made an order. How long will it take to ship?
    Keep in mind, the time it takes me to prepare your item is different than the time the it takes the USPS to get your item to you. Item preparation time can take anywhere from 7-14 business days. Business days are M-F, weekends and holidays are not included. I do my best to list the approximate preparation time required for each item in its respective listing. Item shipping time depends on the USPS. Estimates for each shipping option are shown at check out, but keep in mind, they are JUST ESTIMATES. An item could take longer to get to you, which is why it is important to retain your tracking number and receipt.
  • My package is lost. Can you help?
    Keep in mind, the same information you are able to view on the USPS tracking page is exactly the same thing I can see. Every domestic package will come with a tracking number and every international package will come with a customs tracking number. Domestic tracking numbers provide an item's route up to the delivery to you. Customs tracking numbers provide an item's route up until it leaves the continental US. After it leaves the US, the tracking number generally does not update until it reaches the destination country. Depending on the country, the respective postal service may assign a local tracking number, but that isn't always the case. Please check with your country's postal service for information regarding tracking numbers. If you are an international customer and want assurance against potential lost packages, please consider purchasing insurance. If an international package goes missing and cannot be found, I am not responsible to refund or replace that package and its contents. Please reach out to me prior to purchase if you would also like to add insurance. In regards to domestic orders, should an item appear lost, a Package Research Form can be submitted. Understand that there may be instances where a package ultimately cannot be located. In this circumstance, I will work with you to solve the issue. If you have an order that goes missing and DO NOT contact me WITHIN 2 month's time, understand that you have forfeited your right to a package research form and any possible resolution up to refund, store credit and/or replacement.
  • I received the wrong item and/or an item is missing from my order.
    If you received your order and an item is either missing or is incorrect, please reach out to me via the Contact form under the Contact link above. Please make sure to provide me your order number.
  • My tracking number says my order was delivered, but I don't have it. Can you do anything?
    In the instance of orders showing delivered, but not received, I encourage you to reach out to your local post office. I am unable to do this for you because once an item leaves my hands and enters the USPS system, it is no longer my responsibility. If you suspect an order was stolen, please file a police report and notify the USPS. I am not responsible for any shipping delays because of the USPS, once it leaves my hands, I cannot control what happens thereafter.
  • I purchased an item(s) on preorder, when will it ship?
    If you purchased an item(s) on preorder, I will do my best to let you know in that item's listing description on the timeframe required to fulfill that preorder. However, preorders can take up to 4 weeks, but no longer than 8 weeks, unless otherwise noted. When purchasing a preorder, you understand that those orders are fulfilled in the order in which they were received and depending on where your order is, will determine when it is prepared. Preorders will not be cancelled after purchase. Preorders are made with materials purchased in bulk to fulfill those preorders and cancellation requires me to come out of pocket for the materials for your order. By purchasing a preorder, you understand that cancellations will not be given under any circumstances.
  • I purchased a ready to ship item and a preorder item. When will my order ship?
    If you purchased a ready to ship item alongside a preorder item, your order will not ship until that preorder item is fulfilled. I am unable to ship an order with ready to ship items and preorder items separately, as this increases the room for error and create a poor experience for the customer. If you would like your orders to be shipped separately, place separate orders.
  • I want to cancel my order.
    Due to the extremely small batch size of Cloverset's watercolors and custom resin art pieces, cancellations will not be given under any circumstances. This includes buyer's remorse. It is your responsibility as a customer to make informed purchases as it pertains to you.
  • I want to return my order.
    Due to the extremely small batch size of watercolors and one-of-a-kind resin items, no returns will be given under any circumstances. Returns will also not be allowed due to the still ongoing pandemic/COVID-19. I have a compromised husband and cannot take the risk, unfortunately. If there was an issue with your order, please contact me via the contact submission form within 48 hours so I can see what options I do have.
  • An item I purchased came broken or damaged, can I do a refund instead of replacement?
    Depending on the item that was received broken or damaged, item replacement will be the preferred method of resolution. However, I understand that if resolution cannot be met, either a refund or store credit will be given.
  • I received an item and don't like it. Can I exchange it for something else?
    Item exchanges are done on a case by case scenario. Please reach out to me via the Contact form (link above) and we can figure out the best option for you!
  • Why did I receive an email about a store credit?
    If you happened to have receive an email about a store credit, it was most likely due to an inventory variance. Inventory variances occur when an item(s) are allowed to oversell due to a system issue. In this case, I will offer a store credit that will never expire to you via email. The code given to you is a ONE TIME use code and should not be shared with anyone or used by anyone other than you. If shared with another individual, I cannot reissue a repeat store credit code.
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