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My father unfortunately passed away when I was 18; but I grew up hearing stories of working at the family floral nursery, Cloverset in Kansas City. My dad worked as a landscape architect up until a few years before he became ill. As a kid, I would go to job sites with him and I have so many memories, especially the ones he would tell about Cloverset. 

When my cousin suggested Cloverset as a name, it all came together in that moment and Cloverset Lettering & Print was born. Cloverset allows me to express the creative in myself, but also honor and carry on a bit of my dad, too. 

I left my previous full-time job at T-Mobile in December of 2019 and haven't looked back since. Cloverset became my full-time job after I realized my contributions, energy and passion weren't being appreciated the way I felt they should have at T-Mobile. Since leaving, I have achieved more success in 2.5 years with Cloverset than I did in the almost 9 years at T-Mobile. And I am extremely proud of that. 

What you find on Cloverset is an extension of who I am, in some small way. Every watercolor or tumbler (or anything else I create), brings with it love, successful and abundant intentions for you, my customers. Without you, I could not do what truly brings me joy and provide for my family. I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you. The stories I will tell my son about Cloverset, are not just of my father and it's history, but its of you: The Cloverfam. 

Hey Cloverfam! I'm Melissa and I am the creator and owner of Cloverset Lettering & Print! 

Cloverset started out in February of 2016 as a means to readjust to life as a momma of a then almost 2-month old after returning to work from maternity leave. Cloverset wasn't always called Cloverset, either. Several months into 2016, it wasn't until I had reached out to friends and family on a real suggestion for this new endeavor. It was my cousin, who is more like a brother to me, that suggested Cloverset. Which now that I think back on it, it made SO much sense. 

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